PMAY Subsidy Calculator

The Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana helps to avail interest rate subsidy on the home loan amount while buying/extending/improving a home. Credit linked interest subsidy of 6.5% will be provided to the eligible beneficiaries in EWS/LIG category by the Government of India for 15 years or the actual tenor of the loan (whichever is lower). 

Before applying for loan under the PMAY scheme, we recommend that you check your eligibility under the scheme with our PMAY calculator. PMAY calculator is a home loan subsidy calculator. It is designed to help you check your subsidy eligibility under PMAY on the loan availed for affordable residential property purchase. It will also help you calculate your EMIs beforehand so that you can plan your finances accordingly. 

All you need to do is enter the factors that affect your PMAY subsidy like the home loan amount, household income, interest rate, and tenure. Check your eligibility under PMAY now!

How to use our PMAY Calculator?

  • Answer a few questions by clicking on Yes/No
  • Set the amount of Annual Family Income by moving the slider or by typing in the box
  • Choose the loan amount by moving the respective slider or by typing in the box
  • Select the loan tenure by moving the tenure slider or by typing in the box.
  • You can check the amount of subsidy, subsidy category and the net reduction in EMI instantly on the right-hand side of the PMAY Calculator

PMAY Subsidy Calculator

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A PMAY calculator works as a self-help planning tool for calculating the amount of home loan interest subsidy that you can avail under CLSS - PMAY. You can also use it to calculate the precise EMI payable for on your home loan and thus, make an informed borrowing decision.

The tool will automatically do the calculation and give instant result once you enter your basic details as required.

If you wish to avail subsidy under CLSS - PMAY, the PMAY calculator is the perfect tool to make an informed borrowing decision.

Calculating the subsidy amount manually could be not just tedious but also, error-prone. PMAY calculator takes away all the hassles of doing complex calculations manually. Just by entering a few required inputs, you can get an accurate result instantly.

PMAY calculator also helps you calculate the loan's effective interest rate under the PMAY scheme.

Also, it helps you know the exact EMI payable towards the home loan and the subsidy you can avail. By knowing the EMI amount in advance, you can plan your finances well and set aside a fixed sum every month towards the EMI payment. Thus, the PMAY calculator helps you decide the appropriate loan amount you can avail so that the EMI repayment is easy.

Go ahead, use ICICI HFC's PMAY Calculator now to know your eligible PMAY subsidy amount and the EMI payable on your home loan.

The credit-linked subsidy of 6.5% will be available only for loan amounts up to Rs 6 lakh.

Any additional loans beyond the subsidised loan amount will be at a non-subsidised rate. For all the slabs, the scheme will apply to loans with a tenure of upto 20 years. However, this manual calculation process could be very tedious and error-prone.

The easier way to calculate your eligible subsidy amount under PMAY is to use our PMAY calculator. Just by entering a few required inputs, you can get an accurate result instantly.

The subsidy amount you are eligible for under CLSS - PMAY depends on the income group you belong to. 

The maximum subsidy amount for different income groups is:

  • EWS and LIG: upto Rs 2.67 lakh

No. When you apply for a home loan under CLSS - PMAY, there is no maximum limit on the loan amount you can avail. The amount of subsidy under PMAY increases with an increase in the principal loan amount. However, the subsidy will be available only to the extent of the maximum income under different income groups. Also, please note that the subsidy is available for a maximum period of 20 years for all applicants.