Overview – Home Loan for Salaried

If you have found it difficult to get a home loan in the past, you are not alone. If you find the loan application process complicated, we are here to help you at every step of the way. With the right support, getting a home loan can be a quick, easy and rewarding experience. We at ICICI HFC welcome salaried professionals working with big or small organisational set-up, be it, Proprietorship, Partnerships, LLP, Private or Public sector companies or MNCs.

Our home loan has been designed with you in mind. We offer easy eligibility norms and require very few and basic documents. You can get a home loan as we have a team of legal and technical experts at each of our 135+ ICICI HFC branches who can review your application on the spot.

Nothing should come between you and your dream of owning a home. We are here to assist you even after your loan is disbursed – be it during repayment or whenever you need any type of funding in the future.

Key Features & Benefits – Home Loan for Salaried

Affordable housing benefit

ICICI HFC’s affordable housing product, Apna Ghar, offers you a subsidy benefit of up to ₹ 2.67 lakhs on home loans under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana’s (PMAY). Apna Ghar is unlike any other home loan and is meant for both salaried and non-salaried individuals, even those who cannot arrange formal income proofs.

Loans for all aspiring homeowners

Our home loan helps both salaried individuals like government employees and corporate professionals, as well as self-employed individuals like doctors, lawyers, CAs, traders and small business owners. We are committed to your dream of owning a home of your own.

Easy eligibility

Getting a home loan is quicker with ICICI HFC due to our flexible eligibility norms and basic document requirements. Even if you don’t have formal income proof documents like ITR, but have a good history of repaying loans, our local experts will help you get the support you need.

Tip: To increase your eligibility, you can even add a co-applicant like your spouse or immediate family member.

Quick loan disbursal

We have a team of legal and technical experts at each of our 135+ ICICI HFC branches to guide you and review your application on the spot, so you avoid multiple visits and requests for documents.

Home loans from ₹ 3 lakhs to ₹ 5 crores

Whether your need is big or small, we finance them all. You can get a home loan for all of the following: 

  • The under-construction property, ready-for-possession property or builder property
  • New property or resale property
  • Property from state housing boards such as DDA and MHADA/existing Co-operative Housing Society/Apartment Owners' Association/Development Authorities settlements/homes by private developers
  • For property in cities, regularised colonies and gram panchayat properties
  • For multi-unit or a self-constructed property or even to construct a house on a plot of land you own or to refinance a residential property
  • For construction on a freehold/leasehold plot or on a plot allotted by a Development Authority

Shift to ICICI HFC

Already been repaying a home loan for 2-3 years at an interest of rate of more than 11% p.a. If your home loan interest is at least 50 basis point higher, shift to an ICICI HFC Home Loan with our Balance Transfer facility to reduce your EMI burden, enjoy competitive interest rates and get undivided attention from our experts.

Eligibility - Home Loan for Salaried

Salaried Individuals

  • Nationality

Indian, residing in India and Non-Resident Indian

  • Age (Primary applicant)

23 to 60 years, for resident Indians and 25 to 60 years, for NRIs

  • Eligible job profiles

People working with proprietorship, Partnerships, LLP or private or public sector companies, MNCs

  • Co-owned Property

ICICI HFC provides better interest rates to women to encourage them to apply as co-applicants. If you add your wife or mother to your home loan, you may be able to get a lower interest rate, even if they are not earning.


  • Minimum Age

Salaried – 18 to 65 years

  • Why should you add a co-applicant?

  • If you want to increase your home loan eligibility, you can add a co-applicant, even if they are not earning. This can also help you to be eligible for a larger home loan. Your co-applicant can be your spouse or immediate family member.

  • Because ICICI HFC provides better interest rates to women to encourage them to apply as co-applicants.

Why take a loan from ICICI HFC?

We have a team of legal and technical experts at each of our 135+ ICICI HFC branches who review your loan application on the spot without repeated requests for visits or multiple documents. You can also walk into your nearest ICICI Bank branch to start your loan process.

Walk into any of our branches to meet your local experts. They are committed to helping you at every step of your journey. They speak your language and are familiar with your locality. Click here to find the branch closest to you and get the right kind of guidance face-to-face.

A major advantage of walking into your nearest ICICI HFC branch is the special offers. Our in-house experts will guide you through the benefits of each of the offers, so you can find an attractive deal. 

When you take a loan from us, you become a part of the ICICI HFC family. It is not just a loan, but a relationship. As an existing customer of ICICI HFC, your application can be reviewed more quickly, as many checks are already done, and your documents are already in our system. You may need a home loan today but an FD to grow your savings tomorrow.

Where to apply

Walk into any one of our ICICI HFC branches for help. Our neighbourhood experts can assist you through our quick and easy home loan application process. Click here to find your nearest branch.  If you don’t have an ICICI HFC branch near you, walk into your nearest ICICI Bank branch to start your loan application process.   

How to apply

  1. Take 10 minutes to submit your loan application form along with the required documents
  2. Pay a non-refundable login fee of ₹ 5000 (plus 18% GST ) to carry out KYC checks 
  3. Get your loan application quickly reviewed by our team of experts who study your existing EMIs, age, income, and property
  4. Get a loan amount approved by our team of experts who are present at each ICICI HFC branch
  5. Pay a processing fee equal to 0.50% + AT or ₹ 11,000 + AT whichever is higher
  6. The approved loan amount will be disbursed, basis the stage of construction of your property


Home Loan EMI Calculator 

Your EMI consists of the principal amount and the interest component. Your home loan amount will be calculated based on the EMI you can afford. You can reduce your EMI by choosing a longer tenure to repay your home loan. Our Home Loan EMI calculator will help you plan your finances based on how much EMI you can comfortably afford.

Home Loan Amount
Thirty Thousands
Loan Tenure( Months )
1 years 4 month's
Rate of Interest (p.a.)

Your EMI


Repayment Amount


Interest Amount


Fill Details Below

Enter Your Full Name
Enter Your Mobile Number
Enter Loan Amount
Enter Email Id
Select Your City
Please accept the terms & conditions

Documents Required for Home Loan for Salaried

Submit these documents and get your loan approved without having to make multiple visits. 

  • Fully filled application which you have signed
  • Identity and residence proof (KYC), such as Aadhaar, PAN card, Voter ID card, Job card issued by NREGA etc.
  • Income proof, such as last 2 months salary slip, latest Form 16, and three-month bank statement
  • Property documents (unless you have not finalised a property)

Charges for Home Loan for Salaried

We make it a point to be transparent about our rates and charges. 

Charges Rates*

Login Fee (for KYC checks and other documents)**

₹ 5,000*

Processing/ Administrative Fees (Charged at the time of sanction)**

0.50% + AT or  ₹11,000 + AT (whichever is higher).

Prepayment charges

Sr. No


Prepayment Charges



Floating rate loan where purpose of loan is not for business

and one of the borrower is an individual

Charges applicable NIL



Floating rate loan where purpose of loan is for business(non- Home loan)

and borrowers are individuals and/or non-individual/s

4% of the outstanding loan amount

+applicable taxes



Fixed rate housing loan or limited period fixed rate housing loan*

2% +applicable taxes



Fixed rate non housing loans

4% + applicable taxes

*For Fixed, pre-payment charges are applicable if not prepaid from customer’s own sources

# The expression “own sources” for this purpose means any source of funds other than borrowing from a bank or Financial Institution.

Disclaimer: The rates, fees, charges etc. as stated herein above are subject to changes/revision from time to time. Pre- Payment/Foreclosure charges shall be applicable as per contracted rate or rates as per regulatory norms prescribed, if any.

**Login fees and Processing/Administrative fees are non-refundable

*The above amounts & percentages are exclusive of applicable taxes and other statutory levies, if any such amounts shall include all amounts prepaid during the given financial year.
# Goods and Services Tax (GST) and other government taxes, levies, etc. applicable as per the prevailing rate will be charged over and above these charges.


The rates, fees, as stated hereinabove, are subject to changes/ revision from time to time at the sole discretion of ICICI Home Finance Company. 

The floating interest rate on ICICI Home Finance is linked to ICICI Home Finance Prime Lending rate (IHPLR). 

The Calculator is intended to be used for guiding purpose only, it is not an offer and it’s results may vary from actuals.

ICICI Home Finance Company Ltd is a Corporate Insurance Agent for ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co Ltd, Registration Code CA0043 and ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited, Registration Code CA0043. ICICI HFC is authorized to solicit insurance business of both General and Life insurance.


eNACH Mandate Registration Process - In 5 Easy Steps!



You can apply for a home loan the moment you decide to invest in a home i.e. even before you finalise a property. However, you would need to have some property documents at hand to start the process. For the list of documents you would need to submit for different types of property:

You can avail of a loan for a maximum tenure of 25 years. However, the term cannot extend beyond 60 (for salaried individuals) or 70 years of age (for self-employed individuals) or the age at which you retire, whichever is earlier. We have a team of legal and technical experts at all of our 135+ ICICI HFC branches that sit with you and help you decide the most comfortable pay-back period. When deciding the right pay-back period, consider your income, age, and existing EMIs. 

The interest on your home loan has to be paid on a monthly basis. You can choose the EMIs option, where you pay the same amount every month (EMIs are Equated Monthly Instalments). Or, you can choose the SURF option or Step Up Repayment Facility, where your monthly payments increase over time, as your income increases. The first option has the benefit that as your income increases, your monthly payments will become easier to make over time. The second option has the benefit that as your income increases, you can increase your monthly payments, and thus, reduce your overall tenure.

Our eligibility criteria are very flexible and easy to fulfil. We also require very less paperwork which helps ensure processing is faster. You can instantly find out if you are eligible with our Home Loan Eligibility Calculator. In case you are not eligible for a home loan, our team of legal and technical experts at your nearest ICICI HFC and ICICI Bank branches can inform you about many ways to improve your eligibility, so ask for help today.

Your co-applicant can be your spouse or your immediate family member. Your co-applicant must be minimum 18 years of age. Your co-applicant does not need to be employed or earning, so you can include your spouse even if they do not work. In fact, adding a woman as a co-applicant can help reduce your interest rate. In case your property has more than one owner, it is necessary that both or all the co-owners are co-applicants. Walk into your nearest ICICI HFC or ICICI Bank branch to learn more about how to add a co-applicant and why from our team of experts. 

  • Home Loan

We provide home loans for properties that are under construction, ready for possession, resale, to-be- constructed, and also options like refinancing on residential. You can avail of a home loan even before you have finalised the property. If you are still looking for it, we will help you find the right home for you with our ‘Property Search’ feature. 

  • Apna Ghar

A home loan like no other, Apna Ghar offers affordable housing home loans to people from different backgrounds and income groups and is an extension of the government’s PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana). Apna Ghar offers very flexible eligibility norms that are easy to fulfil.

  • Land Loan

You can avail of a land loan to buy a residential plot for constructing your home. You will need to sign a written undertaking that construction will be completed within 3 years.

  • Office Premise Loan

You can avail of this loan to purchase, construct or extend your office premises. The loan amount can also include the estimate of renovation at the time of purchase of the property. However, this does not include industrial/institutional property, for example factories/ warehouses/ schools/ institutes/ colleges/ hospitals etc.

  • Balance Transfer

Already been repaying a home loan for 2-3 years at an interest of rate of more than 11% p.a. If your home loan interest is at least 50 basis point higher than our, shift to ICICI HFC with our Balance Transfer facility to reduce your EMI burden, enjoy competitive interest rates and get undivided attention from our experts.

  • Top-Up Loan

If you need additional financial support for reasons like child’s education or marriage, consumer durables, renovations, etc., you can get a Top-Up Loan against the security of your existing Home Loan on the same property.

  • Loan Against Property

If you own a property, with this option, you can get a loan against that property at a reasonable rate of interest for a maximum tenure of 15 years. 

  • Micro Loan Against Property

Micro LAP offers loans for as less as ₹ 3 lakhs, and up to ₹ 15 lakhs that can be repaid within 120 months.

  • Lease Rental Discounting

If you own a commercial property and expect to earn rentals from it, you can get a loan for urgent personal needs, like your child’s education or marriage, using these rentals as security or collateral. 

Yes, we always find a way to help you. We have created an easy-to-use online home search portal called ICICI Property Search, which assists you at every step of your home buying journey. This facility helps you identify your ideal home from a curated list of verified properties, based on your needs and preferences. We also arrange site visits to shortlisted properties with our dedicated local property experts. Further on, we assist you with the legal documentation and negotiation of property prices.

This is a free-of-cost service that is offered on first-sale properties and is currently available in the following nine cities:

  1. Mumbai 
  2. Delhi NCR 
  3. Chennai 
  4. Kolkata 
  5. Bengaluru 
  6. Pune 
  7. Lucknow
  8. Hyderabad 
  9. Kochi

No, one IT certificate will be issued in the name of both the applicant and co-applicant as only one certificate can be issued for a home loan according to the IT rules.

You can expect to receive your copy of the IT certificate in April or May as the final certificate is issued at the end of each financial year. However, you can request a provisional IT certificate anytime during the year.

You can provide any one of the following as identity proof:

  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID Card issued by the Election Commission of India
  • Proof of possession of Aadhaar Card
  • Driving License
  • Job Card issued by the NREGA duly signed by an officer of the State Government

If you already have a home loan but are looking for better customer service, better interest rates, and flexible terms, consider shifting to ICICI HFC. We have a balance transfer facility that will allow you to transfer your home loan to ICICI HFC with minimal effort and time. Balance transfer facility is available to resident Indians, both salaried and self-employed. 

Yes, Visit our plot loan page for more details

A major advantage of walking into your nearest ICICI HFC branch is the special offers. You can enjoy a range of offers at our branches. Our in-house experts will guide you through the benefits of each of the offers, so you can find one that truly helps you. Walk in to find the deal of the day.