Investor Relations

Corporate Announcements
Statement of utilization of issue proceeds_31.03.2024
Appointment and Cessation of MD & CEO
Change in MD & CEO and CFO
Statement of utilization of issue proceeds_31.12.2023
Retirement of Vinod Kumar Dhall_17.01.2024
Regularisation of Sandhya Sharma and Re-appointment of Gopalakrishna Gurappa
Regularisation of Atul Arora
6(1) and 7(1)_December 2023
Withdrawal of nomination of Zeenat Amin Hamirani_29.11.2023
Statement of utilization of issue proceeds_30.09.2023
6(1) and 7(1)_September 2023
6(1) and 7(1)_June 2023
Clarification with respect to DIN of Atul Arora_22.09.2023
Intimation for Appointment of Atul Arora and Withdrawal of Nomination of Sanjay Singhvi
Statement of utilization of issue proceeds_30.06.2023
Statement of utilization of issue proceeds_31.03.2023
Reg 6(1) & 7(1) - March 2023
Regularisation of Zeenat Hamirani_17.03.2023
Appointment of Chief Compliance Officer_04.02.2023
Resignation of Leena Shrungare as Compliance Officer_21.01.2023
Statement of utilization of issue proceeds_31.12.2022
Appointment of Zeenat Hamirani_06.01.2023
Nomination of Ms. Zeenat Hamirani
Regularisation of Rakesh Jha_02.12.2022
Statement of utilization of issue proceeds_30.09.2022
Appointment of Rakesh Jha_14.10.2022
Resignation letter_Anup Bagchi
Nomination of Mr. Rakesh Jha
Approval for allotment of equity shares offered on right basis_28.07.2022
Statement of utilization of issue proceeds_30.06.2022
Approvals taken at 23rd Annual General Meeting Company
Proceedings of the 23rd Annual General Meeting Company
Intimation for Change in Chairman of the Company_20.04.2022
Corporate Announcements
Annual Secretarial Compliance Report 2022
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation for NCDs
Interest Payment Intimation_13.05.2024
Interest Payment Intimation_29.04.2024
Interest Payment Intimation_28.03.2024
Interest Payment Intimation_26.03.2024
Interest and Redemption Payment Intimation_01.03.2024_INE071G07488
Interest and Redemption Payment Intimation_23.02.2024_INE071G07504
Interest Payment Intimation_23.02.2024
Interest Payment Intimation_29.01.2024
Interest Payment Intimation_25.01.2024
Interest Payment Intimation_26.12.2023
Interest Payment Intimation_11.12.2023
Interest Payment Intimation_05.12.2023
Interest Payment Intimation_24.11.2023
Interest Payment Intimation_20.11.2023
Interest Payment Intimation_10.11.2023
Interest Payment Intimation_19.10.2023
Interest Payment Intimation_28.09.2023
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_14.08.2023
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_11.08.2023
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_20.07.2023
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_05.07.2023
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation for NCDs_28.06.2023
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_12.06.2023
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_26.05.2023
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_28.04.2023
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_03.03.2023
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_23.02.2023
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_23.12.2022
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_12.12.2022
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_05.12.2022
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_21.11.2022
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_10.11.2022
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_19.10.2022
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_28.09.2022
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_19.09.2022
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_26.08.2022
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_12.08.2022
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_20.07.2022
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_05.07.2022
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_10.06.2022
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_26.05.2022
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_19.05.2022
Redemption & Interest Payment Intimation_28.04.2022

Investor Relations

Debenture Trustees To The Bond Issuances Of The Company

Axis Trustee Services Limited, Axis House, 2nd Floor, Wadia International Centre, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai 400 025.


Contact Person: Mr. Anil Grover (Chief Operating Officer)

Tel No: 022-24255215

Fax No: 022-24255216

Email ID:

Contact Information Of The Designated Official

Priyanka Shetty

Company Secretary ICICI Home Finance Company Ltd. ICICI HFC Tower, J. B. Nagar, Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai- 400 059.

Contact No: 022 4009 3457

Email ID:

Contact information for Investor Grievances:

Redressal of Investor Grievances:

An investor having grievance/ complaint shall first write to:

Ms. Priyanka Shetty
Company Secretary & Compliance Officer
ICICI Home Finance Company Limited
ICICI Bank Towers, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai 400051


Email ID:

If the grievance is not redressed satisfactorily, the investor may escalate the same through the SCORES Portal at After exhausting all the available options for resolution of the grievance, if the investor is still not satisfied with the outcome, dispute resolution can be initiated through the ODR Portal at

The SEBI Master Circular w.r.t. Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is available at

Shake Hands in Agreement with Corporate Governance Policy

Corporate Governance Policy

This document enunciates the corporate governance policy of the company and confines its values, ethos and culture based on which organization directs and controls itself and the people associated with it including shareholders employees and various other stakeholders. The Policy also covers the responsibilities, authority, and administration of the Board of Directors through a defined framework.

The policy provides for the functional framework and management of the company which includes the composition of the board of the directors, the procedure followed by the company for appointment of directors and key Management Person(KMPs),constitution of the board.

Credit Rating Agencies Which Rate Us

The Company has a standalone issuer credit rating of [ICRA]AAA(Stable) by ICRA. All Instrument wise credit ratings by leading rating agencies are as follows:

Fixed Deposit CRISIL AAA/Stable ICRA]AAA(Stable) CARE AAA; Stable
Senior Bonds / Non Convertible Debentures CRISIL AAA/Stable [ICRA]AAA(Stable) CARE AAA; Stable
Subordinate Bonds CRISIL AAA/Stable [ICRA]AAA(Stable) CARE AAA; Stable
Market Linked Debentures CRISIL PP-MLD AAA/Stable - CARE PP-MLD AAA; Stable
Commercial Paper - [ICRA]A1+ CARE A1+
Long Terms Bank Facilities - [ICRA]AAA(Stable)

Market linked debentures

Market Linked Debentures

ICICI Home Finance Company Ltd issues Rated, Listed, Secured, Redeemable, Principal Protected Non-Convertible Market Linked Debentures (PPMLDs).

Please review the relevant offer document / memorandum of private placement relating to the specific PPMLDs for details on the PPMLDs including their risk factors. CARE Risk Solutions (CARE) has been appointed as the valuation agency for valuation of these debentures.

As per the Guidelines for Issue and Listing of Structured Products / Market Linked Debentures dated September 28, 2011 issued by SEBI, depending on the valuation agency mentioned in the offer document / memorandum of private placement; latest and historical valuations provided by the valuation agent will be available as below:

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