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  • Own a home of your own. Enjoy easy home loan eligibility norms and get a home loan in as less as 72 hours for a property of your choice – whether you are salaried or self-employed, even if you don’t have formal income proofs. Walk into your nearest ICICI HFC branch for the deal of the day!

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  • A PMAY-based home loan made keeping you in mind. Get a home loan subsidy benefit of up to ₹ 2.67 lakh – whether you run a small kirana shop or a fast food store, work as a tutor or a government employee, and even if you don’t have formal income proofs.

    Found a home beyond gated communities or outside the city?

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  • Looking for quick and easy financing to level up your business and stay ahead of the curve? Unlock the value of your property to tap into your business’ true potential and scale new heights!

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  • Get quick and easy financing for urgent personal or business needs, with micro loans starting from ₹ 3 lakhs with repayment options up to 120 months. Whether your need is big or small, we finance them all.

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  • Don’t just save money, make it grow! Get an ICICI HFC Fixed Deposit to enjoy interest rates as high as 6.90%* and choose from flexible tenure options. Watch your wealth grow safely and you rest assured with the highest credit ratings in the industry.

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  • Already have a home loan but feeling the pressure of making EMI payments?

    Find the deal you deserve with ICICI HFC and enjoy faster loan processing, better interest rates and easy eligibility norms

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Quick Loan Processing
Quick Loan Processing

Get a loan in as less as 72 hours with the help of our in-house local expert

Easy Home Loan Eligibility Norms
Easy Home Loan Eligibility Norms

Get financing no matter what your job profile is, even without formal income proofs

Wide Product Range
Wide Product Range

No matter your Dream is big or small we finance them all with our wide range of products

Experts at ICICI Home Finance branches
Experts at ICICI Home Finance branches

Walk into any of our branches to meet a familiar friendly face who understands you

Wide Reach, Constant Care
Wide Reach, Constant Care

Help is just around the corner at any of our 135+ ICICI HFC branches

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Recommended Home Loan Guide

Unexpected expenses may occur anytime, and you may be forced to borrow money to deal with a sudden unforeseen emergency. Loans are generally the most appropriate means to meet your financial needs. A home loan is another type of loan that you may have to opt for to own a home of your choice. Loans, whether personal or home, are offered against the payment of the principal amount and interest in equated monthly instalments (EMI).

Most people depend on loans to realize their financial dreams. One of the criteria for the eligibility for a personal loan is an ideal CIBIL score. A person’s lending records are maintained by credit reporting agencies, especially CIBIL, which is an acronym for Credit Information Bureau of India Limited. A CIBIL score is a three-digit number derived using an individual’s credit payment history from banks and other financial institutions.

Digitization has paved the way for net banking and mobile banking, which have revolutionized the banking industry. An initiative by the Government of India in 2010 for a unique identification number for every citizen after capturing and storing their biometric values resulted in an Aadhaar card with a 12-digit number. An Aadhaar gives access to various services offered by banks, other than the benefits offered by the government.

There are times when you have to borrow money to meet unprecedented expenses. You take a personal loan from financial institutions like a bank on the condition of paying it in equated monthly instalments (EMI) for certain number of years. Your situation changes, and you find it difficult to repay the loan for some genuine reasons.

Your home is a place that gives you a sense of comfort and feeling, a space where you spend precious moments with your loved ones. And that is precisely why your home needs to be both aesthetically appealing and comfortable at the same time.

Are you planning to buy a home and apply for a home loan? Are you confused about which documents are required for a home loan in 2022 and the home loan eligibility criteria for a salaried person?

A housing loan, often known as a mortgage, is a sum of money obtained by an individual, typically from lending organizations. The borrower is required to repay the loan amount plus interest in Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) over a period of time. ICICI HFC is known for its innovative and affordable housing loans. Financing can be obtained for up to 80% - 90% of the market value of the home.

Getting a home loan is an integral step toward acquiring the home of your dreams. It is the determining step between you and your dream home. To get a home loan with ICICI HFC, a person just has to complete some formalities with the bank, and the loan will get sanctioned within 3 to 5 days.

Fixed deposits are a safe way of investing as they ensure constant stable interest rates, special interest rates for senior citizens, a variety of interest payment methods, no market risks, and income tax benefits.Fixed deposit accounts are appropriate for those people who are risk averse in terms of their investments. In fixed deposits, the interest is accumulated on the deposited amount over a stipulated period of time raning from monthly, quarterly and yearly. The interest rate on deposits ranges from 3% p.a. to 9.54 % p.a. depending upon the tenure.

A home loan, often known as a mortgage, is a sum of money obtained by an individual, typically from banks and lending institutions. The borrower is required to repay the loan amount plus interest in Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) over a period of time that can range from 10 to 30 years, depending on the type of the loan and the company’s policy. A lower CIBIL score can be a hurdle for many individuals looking for home loans.