Do you need a little more financial help while already having an on-going Home Loan? We understand your aspirations and are committed to help you at every step.

You can apply for a Top-up Loan on your existing Home Loan with ICICI Home Finance and easily fulfil your dreams like furnishing your home, buying consumer durables, funding your child’s education or wedding and travelling abroad. This loan can be availed against the security of your property.

Our Top-up Loan approval process is simple and fast, as you already have a home loan you do not need to go about all the formalities. This will drastically reduce the time and effort required to get a top-up loan. With ICICI HFC you can get a top-up loan upto ₹1.5 crores instantly and repay comfortably over 20 years.

Our vast network of branches and partners means you can avail a loan of your choice in any corner of the country through more than 10,000 centres. Take the next step. Step into any of our branch or a partner location. Apply for a loan today!

Need more information? Feel free to call our toll-free number 1800 267 4455.

Key Features and Benefits

Easy eligibility

Getting a home loan is easier with ICICI HFC due to our flexible credit norms. The documents needed are very few and basic. The income proof requirements are different for salaried people, and self-employed people, who may not have the same documents handy. Even if you don’t have formal income proof documents such as ITR, our local experts are trained to assess your income so that they can help you determine the loan amount you can comfortably repay. To increase your eligibility, you can even add a co-applicant, who could be your spouse or immediate family member.

Quick loan disbursal

It can take as little as 72 hours to get your loan disbursed. This is because at every one of the 135+ branches of ICICI HFC, we have a team of legal and technical experts to help you. These experts can review your application on the spot and can answer all your questions face to face, so that you don’t have to make multiple visits. You can also walk into any one of our 2700+ ICICI Bank branches, which could be right around the corner, to get your loan process started.

Interest rates and tax benefits

Even if you already have a home loan, you can shift to ICICI HFC to reduce your EMI burden and get undivided attention from our experts. You can get competitive interest rate options: floating, fixed, or part-fixed and part-floating, and get tax benefits for your home loan for all types of properties. You can shift your home loan to ICICI HFC with our Balance Transfer facility and join the ICICI HFC family.


  • Nationality

Indian - residing in India, NRI (Non-Resident Indian)

  • Minimum Age (Primary applicant)

23 years for Indians, 25 years for NRIs

  • Maximum Age (Primary applicant)

Choose a tenure that ends before you turn 60, or retire, whichever is earlier.

  • Home Loan Interest Rate

We are committed to ensuring that you can afford your dream home. That’s why we provide multiple interest options. Our present housing loan interest rates are: Floating rate – 10% onwards Fixed-rate – 11% onwards

  • Co-owned Property

In case your property has more than one owner, it is necessary that both or all the co-owners are co-applicants. This ensures that your property is secure and both owners can benefit from the investment in the property.

Why take a loan from ICICI HFC?

Walk into any of our branches to meet your local experts. They are committed to helping you at every step of your home buying journey. They speak your language and understand the issues you have faced. They are committed to getting you the financial support you need. Click here to find the branch closest to you and get the right kind of guidance face-to-face. 

It is always better to sit across the table and get your questions answered all at once. You can have this experience at every one of our 135+ ICICI HFC and 2700+ ICICI Bank branches. Our local experts are just around the corner, waiting to help you get a home loan as quickly and as easily as possible. 

At each of our branches, you can get a loan in as little as 72 hours. We have flexible application norms and require very few documents. We also have a team of legal and technical experts physically present at every one of our branches, so your loan application can be reviewed at the branch itself. Say goodbye to long hours and never-ending processes. 

A major advantage of walking into your nearest ICICI HFC or ICICI Bank branch is the special offers. You can get discounted rates and enjoy a range of offers at our branches. Our in-house experts will guide you through the benefits of each of the offers, so you can find one that truly helps you. Walk in to find the deal of the day. 

When you take a loan from us, you become a part of the ICICI HFC family. It’s not just an investment in a home, but in a relationship. Today, you may need a home loan to make your dream home a reality. But tomorrow, if you need some urgent financial help, or if you are expanding your business, or looking for an FD to grow your savings, we can help you with our wide product portfolio to meet all your financial needs. As an existing customer of ICICI HFC, your application can be reviewed more quickly, as many checks are already done, and documents are already in our system.

Where to apply

Walk into any one of our 135+ ICICI HFC or 2700+ ICICI Bank branches to get all the help you need. Our neighbourhood experts can assist you through our quick and easy home loan application process. You can get your loan disbursed in as little as 72 hours because we require very basic documents and offer you flexible eligibility norms. Click here to find your nearest branch.  

You can also give us a call at 1800 267 4455.

How to apply
  1. Take 10 minutes to submit your loan application form along with the required documents
  2. Pay a login fee of ₹ 5000 (plus GST  ₹ 900/- at 18%) to complete your KYC checks 
  3. Get your loan application quickly reviewed by our team of underwriters who study your existing EMIs, age, income, and property
  4. Get a loan amount approved and sanctioned by our team of underwriters who are present at every ICICI HFC branch
  5. Pay a processing fee equal to 0.75% of the loan amount or ₹ 11,000 + GST, whichever is higher
  6. The approved loan amount will be disbursed, basis the stage of construction of your property

If you are still looking for the perfect home, you can use our easy-to-use Property Search portal to find a home of your choice.

Eligibility Calculator

Find out the home loan amount you are eligible for with our Home Loan Eligibility Calculator 

We have flexible eligibility criteria that will be easy for you to fulfil. Based on factors such as your income, age, and existing EMIs, our Home Loan Eligibility Calculator will help you calculate the loan amount that will be eligible for. This calculator can help you identify a tenure that will make it easy and comfortable for you to repay your loan. 

Enter Desired Loan Amount
Thirty Thousand
Enter Gross Monthly Income
Thirty Thousand
Enter Total EMIs Paid
Thirty Thousand
Enter Desired Loan Tenure
1 years 4 months
Enter Rate of Interest(p.a.)

You are eligible for loan of


Your EMI


Fill Details Below

Please Enter Your Full Name
Please Enter Your Mobile Number
Please Enter Loan Amount
Please Enter Email Id
Please Enter Your City

Please accept the terms & conditions

Documents Required

Complete your loan application process with minimal time spent. Carry the important documents mentioned below to complete your application process in as little as 72 hours, without having to make multiple visits. Our team of underwriters is present at every one of our branches to help review these documents carefully and quickly and get your loan application approved.

  • Fully filled application which you have signed
  • Identity and residence proof (KYC), such as PAN card, Voter ID card, Aadhaar, etc.
  • Income proof, such as latest 2 income returns, latest two years P&L accounts and B/S (with schedules), six-month bank statement, etc.
  • Property documents (unless you have not finalised a property)

To check what documents are accepted for identification and as income proof:
Download PDF 

Rates and Charges

You have a right to know exactly how much you will need to pay for your home loan and when. You can find below the list of charges and rates applicable to your home loan. We make it a point to be transparent about how our home loan works, so you can rest easy with the support of the local experts who sit out of our branches. 

Charges Rates*
Login Fee (for KYC checks) ₹ 5,000 + GST
Processing/ Administrative Fees (Charged at the time of sanction) 0.75% of the loan amount or ₹ 11,000 + GST, whichever is higher
Prepayment charges If you are able to pay off part or all of your home loan, you can choose to settle all or part of your home loan as per your convenience, no matter your chosen tenure. We charge a minimum rate of 0-2% for prepayment. There are no prepayment charges for individuals.

For a complete list of rates and charges: 
Download PDF 

  • The above percentages are exclusive of applicable taxes and other statutory levies if any
  • Such amounts shall include all amounts prepaid during the given financial year
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) and other government taxes, levies, etc. applicable as per the prevailing rate will be charged over and above these charges.
  • The rates, fees, as stated hereinabove, are subject to changes/ revision from time to time at the sole discretion of ICICI Home Finance. 
  • Also, the GST, other taxes and levies, applicable as per prevailing rate will be charged over and above these charges. 
  • The floating interest rate on ICICI Home Finance is linked to ICICI Home Finance Prime Lending rate (IHPLR). To know more about the change in IHPLR and its impact.